Doctoral Student Thesis Director Thesis Title Year of First Enrollment
ABDEL-SALEHEIN Maxime CASTRA Michel Sociology of suicide prevention : review of the national telephony service 3114 2022
BENGHERBI Wissam MARLIERE Eric Subaltern Masculinities at School. A study of the socialisation of boys  with a postcolonial immigration background in the school system. 2019
BISTER Audrey CARDON Philippe Children food socialisation, from transmission to reception of heterogenous family norms 2019
CARDOZO Atilas MEUNIER Olivier Native American people from the Oyapock River BasinHow can education contribute as an element to prevent the suicide of young Amerindians? 2019
CARNEIRO Serrao Michelle MEUNIER Olivier Education Sateré-Mawé in the Amazonas: educational process of decolonization. 2019
CEMELUS Francis DOYTCHEVA Milena Racisation and identity assignment process: the categories of "migrants of colour" or "raced migrants"in the wage labour market, the cases of the EHPADs and the restoration sector 2020
CHARBONNEAU Servann DOYTCHEVA Milena The « Qualité de Vie au Travail » : power technology or recognition device ? A foucauldian perspective 2020
COLAS Sophie CARADEC Vincent Digital technology and the elderly: a study of the uses of the Internet  by people over 75 years old 2019
DELCOURT Laura RODRIGUEZ Jacques Comfort behind bars ? A study on a carceral population socialised through social-medical institutions 2017
DOUDELET Laurene CARREL Marion Ecological transition and Democraty. 2021
DREYSSE Carmen CARDON Philippe Community kitchens in France and Germany: inclusion and reform on the margins of public action. 2021
EL ANSARI LORIDAN Nazha CARADEC Vincent Decision-making of nocturnal medical emergencies in residential care facilities for dependent elderly people.Nursing judgment in geriatrics. 2016
GONDONNEAU Arielle CARADEC Vincent Trajectories and support of vulnerability in case management 2020
HAMCHAOUI Mélissa MEUNIER Olivier Ritual practices and childhood in the Algerian context between resurgence and reinvention 2021
LEFEBURE Ségolène CARDON Philippe The “ecologization” of food work in mass catering: a Franco-Norwegian comparison. 2021
LEROY Emma CARADEC Vincent, CHAMAHIAN Aline Extension of professional activity, Retirement and work cumulation, End-of-career, Retirees 2019
MARTIN Killian CARREL Marion The idea of commmune in contemporary social movements 2021
MAUPAS Caroline CASTRA Michel Family involvement in Child Protection. Reality, challenges and effects. 2015
MAZANZA MFUMU Doudou MEUNIER Olivier The descendants of sub-Saharan immigrants and their parents in Belgium and France faced with educational aspirations, choice of studies and marital choices. Importance of family socialization, social origin, cultural and individual factors and the migratory context of the parents 2021
REMY Aurélien CARY Paul Communitarian utopia’s revival in a fragmented society. Work, cooperative living and relationships with nature in two emblematic movements 2021
SANSONE Esther CARADEN Vincent The return home after hospitalisation of older people, an approach in terms of negotiation. 2021
SAWBAY NDERKANZUKU Eugene WACHSBERGER Jean-Michel Climate change and social change in the southern provinces of Chad. The role of migration. 2019
TAWOUE SIMO Boris DOYTCHEVA Milena Multiculturalism and democracy: for a re-reading of Charles Taylor  in favor of a policy of recognition in Cameroon 2019
TEFIL Menad MARLIERE Eric Convergences and oppositions between the France's poor neighborhoods and the Yellow Vests 2021
VANIER DE SAINT AUNAY Damien CASTRA Michel, GUERANDEL Carine Becoming a breaker, popper or locker: the social construction of professional hip-hop dancers 2022